Wednesday, July 4, 2007

I went to PA with Michele Driscoll!!

I spent the Fourth of July with Michele Driscoll in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. There is a small community just outside the city known as Bellevue Park, and they have a “Sillybration” every Independence Day – I just couldn’t resist joining in! The day started with a parade through the area, including floats, a fire truck, a band, and various individual entries (designed for the entertainment of the viewing public!). I loved watching everything go by and enjoyed the parade immensely. Afterwards, everyone gathered in the driveway of one of the residents of Bellevue Park for an oratorical competition. Various people gave speeches on whatever interested them and I was entertained by the “Steppettes,” a group of women who create new songs (old music, new lyrics) that address timely issues, specifically for Sillybration every year. Afterwards, everyone headed over to the community building for lunch. It’s a potluck affair, and I helped Michele make mini-turkey meatloaves as her contribution. They were quite popular, and the 25 that were made vanished within 10 minutes! Lots of salads, sandwiches, and desserts were happily consumed. They even had the makings for ice cream sundaes, so I was more than happy to help herself to the chocolate syrup, sprinkles, and other toppings. While everyone was enjoying their holiday lunch, the entire group was led in a sing-a-long of old songs and patriotic favorites.

Sillybration always has a few themes going on every year, in order to help people with ideas for the parade as well as decorations. This year was Bellevue Park’s 100th anniversary, so that was the major theme, but it was also the 50th anniversary of bubble wrap! Various residents of the Park created some interesting displays using bubble wrap (the Steppettes were all wearing bubble wrap wings to accompany their song about Gypsy Moths). I particularly liked the bubble wrap ice cream cone, and got her picture taken with it!

It was a very busy holiday, but I had a fantastic time in Pennsylvania to celebrate our nation’s birthday! Where to Next??

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