Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I went to Denver with Tracy Bank!!

Later that evening, after a harrowing drive back down the mountains, I met a terrific group of Surfing Sisters at the Applebees in Denver. What a treat! I got to meet Caryl from Hawaii, Babs, Becky, and said husbands, too!! Here I am with Wayne and Caryl, who get the prize for "furthest traveled". Aloha!

Before heading to bed after a long day, I got our picture snapped with the gorgeous group. There's Tracy, Caryl ,Babs, Laura (who should join Surfing Sisters, really!) and Becky.
The next day, Tracy took me to the Denver Surfing Sisters Reunion. What a blast! I was seated next to Spuds, the Idaho Potato, who came down with Babs from Idaho Falls.

It's always good to meet up with the "girls" on my various travels. This one was pretty stiff...I promised to help her loosen up with a party at the Rho house later that afternoon.

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