Sunday, July 15, 2007

I got to spend some time with Susan Anderson!!

I started out from CO traveling down through NM & heading over to the Grand Canyon. The old car is part of the Old Route 66 that runs through the Painted Desert & The Petrified Forest. I wanted to help drive, so Susan said I could drive that car. Can't see me behind the steering wheel, but I was having a blast!! :) These pics also show the painted desert & the TPF. We crossed the Colorado River into Indian territory - hence my photo op with my youngest son Zach. There is also a shot of the North Rim of the Grand Canyon where my hike was going to begin. I would be hiking rim to rim - 23 miles of the Grand Canyon....oh that one picture - I became part of the Wild West show at the Grand Canyon Hotel. I have to say, I was fabulous....

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