Thursday, April 26, 2007

I went to Europe with Meagan!

Meagan Vargas and I in Tuscany, Italy on Thursday, April 26, 2007 touring the Tuscany countryside and Tuscany Wine Vineyards.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I went to Europe with Meagan!

Meagan Vargas and I in Florence, Italy at the Flower Garden Bardini, and
picture of Tippy overlooking the City of Florence, Italy.

Monday, April 23, 2007

I went to Europe with Meagan!

Meagan and I at D-Day American Cementary in Normady, France paying our respects to all those soldiers that lost their lives in World War II on D-Day and the days and months following....

Sunday, April 22, 2007

I saw a Red Sox/Yankees Game at Fenway Park!!

I stopped by to get some more clothes from Niki Rittenhouse and she and her DBF took me to Fenway park for a game. What a classic series that the Sox swept the Yankees. Niki's DBF was very happy.

Time to head off to my next destination!! what a fun weekend in New England!!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

I went to NJ/NY to see Jessica Lentini

On Saturday night, Jessica and I took the Path Train to New York City.
We stopped at Ground Zero so that I could see where the Twin Towers once stood. I even had my photo taken where they used to be.

Then we traveled to the Livingroom where we saw Joe Purdy, the singer/songwriter that has songs on Grey's Anatomy, Lost, House, etc. Joe heard I was in the audience and wanted to meet me.
Then we went to famous jazz bar, The Fat Black Pussycat.

Our waitress was an aspiring actress and thought that if she had her picture taken with me, then she would get cast in a big role (she has been on Entourage, in some commercials and was recently in School for Scoundrels with Billy Bob Thornton).

I had a great time Jessica...I do have time for a pit stop on the way to me next destination...where will I be??

Friday, April 20, 2007

I went to NJ/NY to see Jessica Lentini

I was very very very tired when we got home, so I took a little nap with Jazz. Jazz even let her sleep in her bed. She didn't seem to mind that there was a turtle asleep with her. Of course I wanted her photo taken with the Gamecock that is in Jessica's house. I even played Wii and did pretty good while bowling.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

I went to NJ/NY to see Jessica Lentini

On Thursday, the sun finally came out and I went with Jessica to Hackensack and to visit her work, the law firm, Sullivan Papain Block McGrath & Cannavo.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I went to NJ/NY to see Jessica Lentini

I got to Jessica's house just in time for the Noreaster that hit NJ. She sat in traffic with me for several hours since all of the roads in Northern New Jersey were VERY flooded.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I stopped by New haven, CT on my way to NJ!!

I went to the Yale Art Museum with Niki Rittenhouse.
We ate lunch at JP Dempsey's. It was such a cute Irish pub.

This is me outside of the Peabody Museum of Natural History.

Look how big this turtle is. And it is missing a foot.

This is the size of the teeth of the shark that bit that large turtle's foot off.

Another huge turtle. I am glad that I did not run into these two when they were alive.

More turtle shells. Below is what I look like from the inside!! I thought that was interesting.

Niki and I standing in front of the Long Island Sound. Boy was it windy!!
This is where we had dinner that night. It is a place in West Haven that is across the street from the Long Island Sound.
Off to NJ!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I am in OR with Catherine Lassesen!! Where am I going next??

This photo was taken in my riding outfit. I had one last chance to ride a horse before slipping into my warm envelope and heading out to my next destination.

The photos are from the shopping I did in Grants Pass, OR. Here are two outfits. What do you think? I selected the pink and green one. The red and yellow was too loud for me. Though you had to love the purse and shoes!

Monday, April 9, 2007

I am in OR with Catherine Lassesen!!

One of Catherine’s jobs is to mail items for the Norwegian Fjord Horse Registry. Here I am at the Days Creek Post Office helping her mail packages for the NFHR. This was interesting to meet a postal worker since I do all my traveling in the post. I am preparing for my trip. I cannot tell you where I will be going yet, because it is a surprise. But it will be a long trip! (Hint!)
I am taking it easy today. Catherine is letting me read a book that Paula Z. gave her. It is called Medoc. It is about a very smart elephant. Catherine liked the book!

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter with Catherine Lassesen!!

HAPPY EASTER! We did some Easter egg hunting at the farm. It was fun. I have a stomach ache from eating too many chocolate eggs. We mainly hung out at the farm today. We did try to catch llamas, but ended up only chasing them. They would not let me take a photo with them. They also spit at people. I am glad they liked me.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

I am in OR with Catherine Lassesen!!

Hello from Days Creek. Actually, I went to work in Canyonville, OR today. I worked at the Canyonville Feed & Ranch Supply Store. It is located in downtown Canyonville, the 3rd oldest town in Oregon. Canyonville is home to the Seven Feathers Casino & Resort. It has a nice one street “downtown” area which mainly has antique shops on it. I was busy all day carrying 50 pound bags of feed for people’s animals. I even loaded 1 ton of hay!

Friday, April 6, 2007

I am in OR with Catherine Lassesen!!

Merlin & Grants Pass, OR was great but not compared to going to the Wine Makers meal at the Spangler Winery. The photos from today are all taken at the dinner.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

I am in OR with Catherine Lassesen!!

I arrived at Days Creek, OR at 3:30 PM on April 5, 2007. I spent today riding horses at Catherine’s farm. Here are photos of me riding Lupin (A Norwegian Fjord Mare) and Major Joe (A American Paint Horse). There is also a photo of me with my new friend, Abel, the Norwegian Buhund and Catherine.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

In Des Plains, IL with Robin Bentley!! Where to next?

The first picture is of Dave (Robin's DBF) and I having a chat at Lac Des Plaines, (which is actually just an oversized retention pond) and enjoying the view. Lac Des Plaines also has a nice little 9 hole golf course, and a yaght club! Too bad it was too cold for the sailboats to be out this morning.

Here is Dave and I at The Leaning Tower in Niles, IL, a nearby suburb. This is a 1/3 size replicia of the tower in Pisa Italy, and was originally built in the 1930's as part of a big swimming pool. The pool has since been filled in, and a YMCA was built in it's place (called, oddly enough, The Leaning Tower "Y"), but the Tower remains. It's not exactly like sending me to Italy, but it's close, dontcha think?

Thanks for a great iem Robin, Dave and Friends!! Where am I headed next??

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

In Des Plains, IL with Robin Bentley!!

Robin took me to visit her next door neighbors. It was Robin's neighbor Terry's birthday, so Robin got a shot of me and him together. The second picture is of Meagan, their 2-year-old, eating cookies with me.

Monday, April 2, 2007

In Des Plaines, IL with Robin Bentley!

Here's I am shopping with Suzy and Robin at the brand new Trader Joe's they have in town.
I really like all of the flowers that they have around since Spring is here!!

I thought after a busy day of shopping that the ladies would want a cold one. Don't I look cute?