Sunday, September 30, 2007

Visiting Allison Mullen for her wedding!

I was getting ready to leave but wanted I picture taken with Mr. and Mrs. Carrow before heading off to my next destination. I had a wonderful time and looks forward to visiting again. What a great wedding!!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Visiting Allison Mullen for her wedding!

I thought the flowers that were going to be made into the bridesmaids' bouquets were gorgeous so I insisted on having my picture taken with them
I was a big help the day before the wedding with last minute details. I even helped in making the programs for the church

I had a great time at the wedding but was exhausted the next day! I loved the bride's bouquet. The roses smelled wonderful

This is the sign from the table I sat at at the wedding. I enjoyed socializing with Allison's parents, Keith's parents, and Allison's grandparents while enjoying spectacular food.

I was so exhausted that I slipped and fell into the basket of wedding cards! Allison took my picture while I was taking a nap there.

Friday, September 28, 2007

I went to the Big E with Niki Rittenhouse!!

Niki and I had a very exciting time at the Big E. Didn't know we were that daring did you??
So this is the big E. It is a region fair that represents the 6 states of New England. Chirs, Niki's DBF, thought that we would both enjoy it.
I just wanted to show your some of the stuff they were selling at the Big E.

Look I met a new friend. Another turtle at the Big E!! By the way it was held in Mass.

Visiting Allison Mullen for her wedding!

I arrived at Allison's and got to relax with Abie after my long trip

I went to work with Allison and wanted to have my pictures taken with her books. I wanted to be a lawyer for a day.

I then noticed Allison's framed David Wright picture in her office so I wanted my picture with him. I noticed that in the picture David Wright said he loved Allison.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Tippy went to Hawaii to visit Leigh Anne Schouest!!

This was my tasty bunch!!
Boy, are the flowers pretty in paradise!!

Here I am looking out over Leigh Anne's Lanai. It is just too pretty!!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Tippy went to Hawaii to visit Leigh Anne Schouest!!

I went to hang by the pool at Hale Koa with Leigh Anne

Time for the beach!!

Here I am at Wiakiki with Diamond Head in the background. How pretty is this??

I even got to go to the beach!!

I love all of this fun in the sun!!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Tippy went to Hawaii to visit Leigh Anne Schouest!!

First off, Niki wanted me to tell you all that she is super jealous that I got to come to Hawaii. I arrived late in the day, so I decided to take a nap with Leigh Anne's daughter, Elizabeth. what a long plane flight!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Here is my great visit with Marge!!!!

On my last day with Marge and the DH, we decided to stay close to home. First, though, Marge had to find me! I decided to hide from marge in the bougainvillea on our terrace and my greenness blended right in!
After they found me, Ricardo and Marge took me up the hill for a last look at San José Bay. I wanted to surf, but decided the rocks looked a little treacherous. I found an excuse to get out of any kind of physical exertion except swimming. I am such a lazy turtle. :-)
Back home again, I headed for the pool in my new bikini, but of course wouldn't let Marge take my picture in it. I swam around a lot, but Marge had to explain to the other people that I wouldn't bite! They seemed to think it was strange having a bikini-wearing turtle around. That's because they aren't DZ's.
You can't end a vacation in paradise without a picture of the sunset, so here it is, a typlcal Cabo sunset. It was a perfect way to end my last day with Marge and Ricardo, and thye sadly sent me off to my next destination. Time for my next journey.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Here is my great visit with Marge!!!!

Well, finally I was off to Cabo San Lucas, where my first stop, of course, was Cabo Wabo! Unfortunately they didn't believe I over 18 since I am so tiny, so I had to settle for pictures outside the club. You can see it's almost as busy during the day as it is at night.

Shopping!!! Wow, I do like to shop! I went crazy here, finding some cute dresses, a big hammock, and lots of handmade gifts for the family back home. (Do I ever go home?) Of course I had to get a cute bikini, because next stop was...
Medano Beach! I wouldn't let Marge take my picture in my bikini, so before I changed I posed in front of Land's End, the southernmost point on the Baja Peninsula. The famous Cabo arch is there, but you can't see the opening from this part of the city.

After all those water sports I needed a cool break, so we found a sports bar where I watched hmy favorite team playing baseball. (Sorry, no hints about which is my team!)

Monday, September 17, 2007

Here is my great visit with Marge!!!!

I wanted to see what the desert looks like, so we drove east along the coast for a little bit. This is the view back toward the town of San José, with the San José Bay in the center. The new marina is under construction at the near end of the bay. You can see our desert isn't just sand. We get 5" or 6" of rain each summer when the tropical storms come through, and that keeps things green for a long time.

I loved the cactus! I could climb all over them and the spines didn't hurt my tough skin. This is a local favorite people here call the pitahaya. That's really the name of the fruit that comes from them, and we have two kinds, white fruit and red fruit.

I decided to climb a small cardon cactus by the side of the road. These are the biggest cactus in the world and can get to be 70 ft. high and live for 300 years! I said I am going to come visit this one every 50 years and see how it's doing. I figures I'll live that long, too! I think that Niki Needs to come check this out. Anyone want to come with her?

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Here is my great visit with Marge!!!!

I started off my visit with Marge in Granite Falls, WA, where Marge was visiting her son and family. I had a great time playing with Kayla and Ava, who thought I was just adorable. In fact, we found that little Ava got a really good "taste" of DZ from me, I didn't mind that my pony tail got a little wet.
Kayla found that I was as great a shopper as she was when we visited the Seattle Outlets for an afternoon of fun. I picked up a couple of cute outfits for me trip to Mexico, while Marge bought suitcases so she'd have room for her new purchases plus all of my things.

I wanted to find out what Mexican food was like, so Marge took me to the Acapulco Restaurant in Granite Falls where I learned all about Margaritas from Marge's son, Andy. It was big, so she helped me finish it.The visit in WA was very short, and we had to head to San José del Cabo after just a couple days. In case you still don't know, San José is at the southern tip of Mexico's Baja Peninsula, 1000 miles south of California. Check out the tracking map on the blog and you'll see all the dots down there.

We arrived after the national Independence holiday Sept. 15, but in San José fiestas last a long time, so all of the month of Sept. downtown was decorated, the circus was in town, and bands played late every weekend. I enjoyed seeing the decorations on City Hall, with the beautiful new plaza in front.

I was impressed with the big new flag flying over the plaza. No, that's not Cabo Wabo there on the right, they just sell the CW Tequila.

San José's church is very old and beautiful. This church replaced the mission destroyed by some angry villagers who killed the Spanish missionary because he told them they should only have one wife! I was surprised by the picture above the door showing how they killed the missionary. Marge told me not to worry, that was a long time ago and people in San José are very nice now!

This is another view of the decorations on the plaza, showing the Independence Bell. The original bell is now hanging in the Presidential Palace in Mexico City, and is rung by the president to remember when Miguel Hidalgo, the priest in the little town of Dolores (now Dolores Hidalgo) rang the church bell to gather the townspeople to announce the beginning of the independence fight. Replicas of the bell hang in each city around the country, and the mayor rings the bell and gives the ceremonial "grito," or shout for independence at 11:00 the night of Sept. 15.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Tippy when to the movies with Niki Rittenhouse!!

I +know that Niki can be a little crazy, but her and her DBF took me to the movies to watch the RedSox/Yankees game. Here is the proof.

Here is Niki and I going to find our seats.

Here I am inside. Too bad the Red Soxs blew it in the 8th!!