Saturday, September 8, 2007

I got to go to the Officer Retreat in DC!!

Look is the officers and me on the Metro going to tour DC. Here is Nikki H-H, Tracy B, Inez A, and Jill K-E.
Here is Misha and Hope.

Here is Callie B, Niki R, Allison M, and Deanna M. (from left to right)

Here si Jenn O and Andi H (our fearless elader).

Here I am. Holding on tight!!

Here I am at Starbucks with Niki and Allison. I met some new friends!!

Look!! Niki and I found George Washington!!

Here I am at the Washinton Monument with Niki, Hope, Misha and Allsion. We just went to the Holocaust Musuem.

This is almost the same picture. Deanna got in and Hope took the picture.

We went to Glory Days for Dinner. Boy am I full!!

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