Monday, September 17, 2007

Here is my great visit with Marge!!!!

I wanted to see what the desert looks like, so we drove east along the coast for a little bit. This is the view back toward the town of San José, with the San José Bay in the center. The new marina is under construction at the near end of the bay. You can see our desert isn't just sand. We get 5" or 6" of rain each summer when the tropical storms come through, and that keeps things green for a long time.

I loved the cactus! I could climb all over them and the spines didn't hurt my tough skin. This is a local favorite people here call the pitahaya. That's really the name of the fruit that comes from them, and we have two kinds, white fruit and red fruit.

I decided to climb a small cardon cactus by the side of the road. These are the biggest cactus in the world and can get to be 70 ft. high and live for 300 years! I said I am going to come visit this one every 50 years and see how it's doing. I figures I'll live that long, too! I think that Niki Needs to come check this out. Anyone want to come with her?

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