Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Here is my great visit with Marge!!!!

On my last day with Marge and the DH, we decided to stay close to home. First, though, Marge had to find me! I decided to hide from marge in the bougainvillea on our terrace and my greenness blended right in!
After they found me, Ricardo and Marge took me up the hill for a last look at San José Bay. I wanted to surf, but decided the rocks looked a little treacherous. I found an excuse to get out of any kind of physical exertion except swimming. I am such a lazy turtle. :-)
Back home again, I headed for the pool in my new bikini, but of course wouldn't let Marge take my picture in it. I swam around a lot, but Marge had to explain to the other people that I wouldn't bite! They seemed to think it was strange having a bikini-wearing turtle around. That's because they aren't DZ's.
You can't end a vacation in paradise without a picture of the sunset, so here it is, a typlcal Cabo sunset. It was a perfect way to end my last day with Marge and Ricardo, and thye sadly sent me off to my next destination. Time for my next journey.

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