Sunday, September 16, 2007

Here is my great visit with Marge!!!!

I started off my visit with Marge in Granite Falls, WA, where Marge was visiting her son and family. I had a great time playing with Kayla and Ava, who thought I was just adorable. In fact, we found that little Ava got a really good "taste" of DZ from me, I didn't mind that my pony tail got a little wet.
Kayla found that I was as great a shopper as she was when we visited the Seattle Outlets for an afternoon of fun. I picked up a couple of cute outfits for me trip to Mexico, while Marge bought suitcases so she'd have room for her new purchases plus all of my things.

I wanted to find out what Mexican food was like, so Marge took me to the Acapulco Restaurant in Granite Falls where I learned all about Margaritas from Marge's son, Andy. It was big, so she helped me finish it.The visit in WA was very short, and we had to head to San José del Cabo after just a couple days. In case you still don't know, San José is at the southern tip of Mexico's Baja Peninsula, 1000 miles south of California. Check out the tracking map on the blog and you'll see all the dots down there.

We arrived after the national Independence holiday Sept. 15, but in San José fiestas last a long time, so all of the month of Sept. downtown was decorated, the circus was in town, and bands played late every weekend. I enjoyed seeing the decorations on City Hall, with the beautiful new plaza in front.

I was impressed with the big new flag flying over the plaza. No, that's not Cabo Wabo there on the right, they just sell the CW Tequila.

San José's church is very old and beautiful. This church replaced the mission destroyed by some angry villagers who killed the Spanish missionary because he told them they should only have one wife! I was surprised by the picture above the door showing how they killed the missionary. Marge told me not to worry, that was a long time ago and people in San José are very nice now!

This is another view of the decorations on the plaza, showing the Independence Bell. The original bell is now hanging in the Presidential Palace in Mexico City, and is rung by the president to remember when Miguel Hidalgo, the priest in the little town of Dolores (now Dolores Hidalgo) rang the church bell to gather the townspeople to announce the beginning of the independence fight. Replicas of the bell hang in each city around the country, and the mayor rings the bell and gives the ceremonial "grito," or shout for independence at 11:00 the night of Sept. 15.

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