Friday, January 18, 2008

I went to Vegas with Hope Corizzo!!

Arrived via tote bag on Friday evening, January 18th. This picture was taken out of tote bag for initial pictures of me and my hotel room view.

Hope wasn't very nice, as she put me back in her tote bag, citing some Nevada law about no wild animals in casinos. She went out gambling, and, ha ha, she lost money, so there was more room for me in her tote. She did manange to feel guilty and took me out for some fresh air.

I'm in front of our hotel - the Flamingo Las Vegas - VERY PINK, and in front of Ceasars Palace. Then I went back into the tote. We left on Monday, but I can't tell you how, because I was in the tote. I'm still there. I didn't like this trip very much. Hope isn't very friendly to her laminated sisters.
Hope deigned to take a picture with me. It was great to meet Hope. Hopefully she will not loose so much money the next time I see her. Where to next??

Thursday, November 22, 2007

I went to NYC to spend Thanksgiving with Jen C!!

At 60 degrees, it was a *perfect* day for a parade! We saw Mr. Potatohead ...
... and Shrek ...
... and Kermit the Frog! Now there's a guy who can relate to me--I always says it's not easy bein' green.
We saw Dora ...
... and Wynonna ...
... and Corbin Bleu! I wasn't really sure who that was, but the other kids were pretty excited, so I figured he must be important.

Then we saw the most important parade celeb of them all!

After the parade, they headed out to Strawberry Fields. Did you know I am a huge Lennon fan??

After their traditional Thanksgiving Day movie, the C'sand I headed to Arte Cafe...

... for a slightly non-traditional Thanksgiving feast!

They kicked off their celebration with a little champagne toast!

They met Phyllis at the next table--she's a sorority girl too! Phyllis pledged a local sorority at Brooklyn College in 1942. Whenever Phyllis saw a sister on campus, she had to stand on one foot and spin her airborne foot in a circle and say "it's a joy and honor to be in your presence!" She also told me about the time Eleanor Roosevelt came to speak at her campus. I thought Phyllis was way cool.
Then dinner was served! Turkey, of course!

It was a really great New York-style Thanksgiving. And the C's was even nice enough to pick up the bill.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I went to NYC to spend Thanksgiving with Jen C!!

I arrived on the Upper East Side on Wednesday afternoon--the same time as the rest of the C family--just in time for pizza at Nick's. Here I am with Jen and her little sis, Nay. Nay is also a DZ!
And here I am with Mom and Dad C at Nick's.

Next, it was time to check out the big balloon inflation on the Upper West Side. So I and the whole C family hopped in a taxi. Unfortunately, the taxi driver was a big cranky jerk who didn't want to go to the inflation, so he dropped everyone off at 5th and 72nd so they could walk across Central Park.
And even more unfortunately, the C's and Igot a little lost in the dark. But I knew it would all be okay when I found the Turtle Pond.

Eventually, the gang made it to the UWS. And boy, was it crowded. I never saw so many people in my life. Neither had the C's. They weren't too excited about this part of their NYC adventure.

But finally we made it!
We saw Scooby Doo...

... and Mr. Potato Head ...

... and Shrek!

Mr. C thought it was pretty cool his company's generators were there to provide plenty of light for the inflation.

Fighting the crowd was pretty exhausting, so the C's took a break on the steps of the Museum of Natural History ...

... while I flirted with one of NYC's finest. I love the men in blue. I'm a sucker for cuties with dimples too.

Next the C's headed back to the UES for a few cold ones at The Crowe's Nest. That's where they met barmaid Kat...
... who served Tippy her first Irish Car Bomb. Boy, was Tippy feelin' tippy after that! So were the rest of the C's. They woke up a *little* late for the big parade.

The next morning they cabbed it to the east side and took the subway down to the parade.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Gail took me for a tour in Kansas!!

For Thanksgiving, I traveled with Gail's family to Lincoln, Nebraska for Thanksgiving. Their Thanksgiving is pretty small, yet I feasted on turkey, potatoes, green beans, pecan & pumpkin pies. While in Nebraska, I was able to see Nebraska lose another game and watch as Tom Osborne took the lead of the University of Nebraska's athletic program. I was also able to watch Kansas lose its very first football game of the season. Hey, 11-1! That is awesome. KU is very excited to be playing in the Orange Bowl.

I am ready for her next adventure. Gail hopes that I am able to meet Santa and spend time with another wonderful sister.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Gail took me for a tour in Kansas!!

Shortly after I arrived in Kansas, the girls decided to stop by. Gail daughter's, Iris, just had to have a tea party with me and the girls. Iris, the girls and the pink dinosaur (Sara Elizabeth - notice the shirt) all had a wonderful time drinking tea and eating cookies. Needless to say, there are many flamingoes all over Gail's house.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Gail took me for a tour in Kansas!!

I arrived at my house (Gail Sherron) in Baldwin City, Kansas in November. Since I was in the area of the University of Kansas, I decided to take a tour of the campus with prospective students. I learned all about the educational opportunities at KU and was introduced to many of the schools traditions --- including "waving the wheat" and meeting the beloved Jayhawk. Waving the Wheat traditionally occurs after a touchdown or something just a fabulous. I am "waving the wheat" with about 100 prospective students & parents and me. I'm sure these people thought Gail was nuts waving the wheat with a cut-out turtle, but hey --- at least they are smiling and pretending to have fun. If you did not know, the Jayhawk is a mythical bird. It is a combination of a sparrow hawk (stealth fighter) and blue jay (noisy, quarrelsome bird). Never turn your back on the Jayhawk. The term "jayhawk" goes back to pre-Civil War era. Kansas was a free territory and Missouri was pro-slavery territory. There were many fights along the states' borders. In fact, Lawrence was raided by a band of Missourians who killed 183 Lawrence residents. No, we have never forgotten this. Gail hates Missouri! KU is the only college in the country that uses the Jayhawk. If you see a Jayhawk on a car or shirt, you know that they have ties to Lawrence, Kansas. When you see the Jayhawk, wave the wheat and think of Gail. Or heck, send your kid to KU --- Gail would love to meet you.
I went shopping in Weston, MO with Hope Corizzo and Gail. We had a great day shopping for others. Although, it was very difficult for me not to purchase a few things for myself. I have to travel light you know. There was an excellent opportunity to take a photo with Santa, but the camera's battery was dead.

Friday, November 16, 2007

I got to visit Alison Bates at her Opera!!

I really enjoyed the lights of the dressing room. Don't I look great!!
I had my picture taken by the dressing room door

Close-up picture of me by the names on Alison's dressing room door. It also shows the names of the company and the opera.
Here I am by the sign pointing to the backstage area of the Ordway Center for the Performing Arts, where Alison performs.
Alison and I in Alison's dressing room, ready to go into makeup.

Another picture of Alison and I in the dressing room.

Alison in full makeup, wig, and costume with wonderful little me.

Full-length shot of Alison's beautiful costume with me again. Can't wait for my next journey.