Sunday, November 18, 2007

Gail took me for a tour in Kansas!!

I arrived at my house (Gail Sherron) in Baldwin City, Kansas in November. Since I was in the area of the University of Kansas, I decided to take a tour of the campus with prospective students. I learned all about the educational opportunities at KU and was introduced to many of the schools traditions --- including "waving the wheat" and meeting the beloved Jayhawk. Waving the Wheat traditionally occurs after a touchdown or something just a fabulous. I am "waving the wheat" with about 100 prospective students & parents and me. I'm sure these people thought Gail was nuts waving the wheat with a cut-out turtle, but hey --- at least they are smiling and pretending to have fun. If you did not know, the Jayhawk is a mythical bird. It is a combination of a sparrow hawk (stealth fighter) and blue jay (noisy, quarrelsome bird). Never turn your back on the Jayhawk. The term "jayhawk" goes back to pre-Civil War era. Kansas was a free territory and Missouri was pro-slavery territory. There were many fights along the states' borders. In fact, Lawrence was raided by a band of Missourians who killed 183 Lawrence residents. No, we have never forgotten this. Gail hates Missouri! KU is the only college in the country that uses the Jayhawk. If you see a Jayhawk on a car or shirt, you know that they have ties to Lawrence, Kansas. When you see the Jayhawk, wave the wheat and think of Gail. Or heck, send your kid to KU --- Gail would love to meet you.
I went shopping in Weston, MO with Hope Corizzo and Gail. We had a great day shopping for others. Although, it was very difficult for me not to purchase a few things for myself. I have to travel light you know. There was an excellent opportunity to take a photo with Santa, but the camera's battery was dead.

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