Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I went to NYC to spend Thanksgiving with Jen C!!

I arrived on the Upper East Side on Wednesday afternoon--the same time as the rest of the C family--just in time for pizza at Nick's. Here I am with Jen and her little sis, Nay. Nay is also a DZ!
And here I am with Mom and Dad C at Nick's.

Next, it was time to check out the big balloon inflation on the Upper West Side. So I and the whole C family hopped in a taxi. Unfortunately, the taxi driver was a big cranky jerk who didn't want to go to the inflation, so he dropped everyone off at 5th and 72nd so they could walk across Central Park.
And even more unfortunately, the C's and Igot a little lost in the dark. But I knew it would all be okay when I found the Turtle Pond.

Eventually, the gang made it to the UWS. And boy, was it crowded. I never saw so many people in my life. Neither had the C's. They weren't too excited about this part of their NYC adventure.

But finally we made it!
We saw Scooby Doo...

... and Mr. Potato Head ...

... and Shrek!

Mr. C thought it was pretty cool his company's generators were there to provide plenty of light for the inflation.

Fighting the crowd was pretty exhausting, so the C's took a break on the steps of the Museum of Natural History ...

... while I flirted with one of NYC's finest. I love the men in blue. I'm a sucker for cuties with dimples too.

Next the C's headed back to the UES for a few cold ones at The Crowe's Nest. That's where they met barmaid Kat...
... who served Tippy her first Irish Car Bomb. Boy, was Tippy feelin' tippy after that! So were the rest of the C's. They woke up a *little* late for the big parade.

The next morning they cabbed it to the east side and took the subway down to the parade.

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Amber said...

Wow, how did I not make the connection between Jen C. and her sister Cappy, a sister from my chapter?? Surfing Sisters makes this world a lot smaller!