Friday, January 18, 2008

I went to Vegas with Hope Corizzo!!

Arrived via tote bag on Friday evening, January 18th. This picture was taken out of tote bag for initial pictures of me and my hotel room view.

Hope wasn't very nice, as she put me back in her tote bag, citing some Nevada law about no wild animals in casinos. She went out gambling, and, ha ha, she lost money, so there was more room for me in her tote. She did manange to feel guilty and took me out for some fresh air.

I'm in front of our hotel - the Flamingo Las Vegas - VERY PINK, and in front of Ceasars Palace. Then I went back into the tote. We left on Monday, but I can't tell you how, because I was in the tote. I'm still there. I didn't like this trip very much. Hope isn't very friendly to her laminated sisters.
Hope deigned to take a picture with me. It was great to meet Hope. Hopefully she will not loose so much money the next time I see her. Where to next??

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