Wednesday, April 4, 2007

In Des Plains, IL with Robin Bentley!! Where to next?

The first picture is of Dave (Robin's DBF) and I having a chat at Lac Des Plaines, (which is actually just an oversized retention pond) and enjoying the view. Lac Des Plaines also has a nice little 9 hole golf course, and a yaght club! Too bad it was too cold for the sailboats to be out this morning.

Here is Dave and I at The Leaning Tower in Niles, IL, a nearby suburb. This is a 1/3 size replicia of the tower in Pisa Italy, and was originally built in the 1930's as part of a big swimming pool. The pool has since been filled in, and a YMCA was built in it's place (called, oddly enough, The Leaning Tower "Y"), but the Tower remains. It's not exactly like sending me to Italy, but it's close, dontcha think?

Thanks for a great iem Robin, Dave and Friends!! Where am I headed next??

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