Saturday, May 12, 2007

Tippy went to Denmark To see Angel!!

Hej from Denmark! Angel and her DH, Mark took me and showed me around different parts of Sealand even though she is very pregnant (as you can see in the picture)! This is the island they live on where Copenhagen is also located. We went to visit Helsingor which is in the north eastern part of the island. The land in the background is Sweden and there are ferries that go back and forth all day between the two countries. The sign says "no fishing" and the water looked a little too cold to go swimming. Oh well, I guess it's not so bad that I forgot to pack my bathing suit! It was still a very nice, though windy day.
Denmark seems to love statues. They are everywhere! This one of the Hydra was one of my favorites. So we had to get our picture made by it.
Next stop was Kronborg Castle. This is the castle that Shakespeare wrote about in his play Hamlet. Every summer different Shakespeare companies come and perform the play here. We decided to pose with some nice statues of Hamlet and Ophelia outside the castle.

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