Saturday, October 27, 2007

IWent to visit Meredith Simpson for a special occasion!!

After a long night at the ball, I traveled with Meredith and Neal to the Marine Corps Marathon. We saw some of the DC sights too! Here I am at the Holocaust Museum.
Before he ran the marathon route, Neal had to walk it! So, Meredith and I tagged along. As you can see, the scenery was great!

Finally, the finish line! We are all set for the morning run. Thank goodness for my shell, because it was awfully cold!

My alarm went off super early to make it to the start line. Meredith and I got a great spot to view the beginning of the race.

And they're off! Meredith and I are equally slow! We decided that they were more into spectator sports.
I helped Meredith cheer for her DH along the route. Here he comes!
After the race, I met Brianne Sherwood and Meagan Vargas.

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