Friday, October 26, 2007

IWent to visit Meredith Simpson for a special occasion!!

I attended the United States Marine Corps Ball with Meredith and her DH, Neal. The Ball celebrates the birthday of the Marine Corps. It is the most formal event for the Marines each year. Meredith and her DH stayed at a B&B before the ball. I especially liked the jacuzzi tub and HUGE bed!

I arrived safely at the Ball. There wasn't a seat saved for me, so I had to share with Meredith.
The ceremony starts when the USMC band walks in. I had to hide under the napkin because it was so loud!
I enjoyed the USMC birthday cake. It is tradition that the oldest Marine present cut and serve a piece of cake to the youngest Marine present. It signifies the passing of tradition to the future of the Marine Corps.
Here I am again at the table.

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