Friday, March 30, 2007

In SC with Mandy McCaslan

Friday was "Take your turtle to work day". Thank goodness I was visiting Mandy, or else she would've been left out!

I made friends with the football player in my office. Kind of hot right??

I also hung out with another turtle which was a gift from Mandy's Snowflake Sis, Megan Vargas. The turtle plays "You Dropped the Bomb on Me" and is a hit around the office.

For lunch on Friday Mandy and I went to the famous Dixie Drive-In. I ate a Dixie Cheese/half and half. That's a cheese burger all the way with half fries and half onion rings! YUMMY!

Friday night I wanted to go see some more baseball, so we trekked back to Mandy's alma mater and took in the Clemson/Miami baseball game. Clemson lost 10-3, but we got to see some old friends and a few DZs!

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